What Color Curtains Go With Gray Walls

Choosing the right color for curtains can be tricky when decorating a room with gray walls. However, there are several complementary color curtains that go with gray walls. For example, blue and green cover go great with a gray room, while pink and purple help to brighten up an otherwise dreary space.

Other colors that may look good in a gray chamber include yellow, orange, and even brown. If you’re not sure what paint to choose or if you’re looking for another alternative, consider using a neutral curtain such as white or light beige. Whatever color you decide on, make sure it coordinates well with your other furnishings in the chamber.

Classic White Curtains

When decorating a room with a gray color scheme, white curtains are a natural choice. However, if you want to add some paint to the chamber, there are other options available. For example, if you have a classic white curtain set in your gray living room, try adding colorful bedding or throws to brighten up the space. Alternatively, try using light colors like green or yellow to match the colors in your décor.

Tan or Cream

When decorating a room with gray walls, it can be tempting to go with a neutral color like white or black. However, if you want to add some life to your space, consider choosing curtains in a complementary color. A tan or cream curtain will brighten up a dull gray chamber and make it look more cozy and welcoming.

Navy Blue

Different colors can be paired with different paint walls to create a unique and cohesive look in your home. This is especially true if the walls are a gray color since navy blue curtains will help to brighten up the room. Navy blue has a cool, calming effect that can work well in any room.

Another great option for pairing navy blue cover with gray wall is sage green. The green paint will add some life to an otherwise neutral space, while also complementing the natural tones of the gray wall paint. If you are looking for something a little more exciting, consider adding pops of red or yellow into your ensemble. These colors will help to bring life and energy to your chamber, making it feel more lively and inviting.

Pink/dusty Rose

Choosing the right curtains for a room with gray walls can be difficult. However, with some careful consideration, you can find cover that both look good and fit the style of your home. One option is to go with pink dusty rose curtains. This paint goes well with most styles of home décor, and it will add a touch of brightness to your space.  

If you’re looking for a more neutral curtain choice, you might want to consider navy or beige curtains. These paint will work well in any chamber, and they’ll give your walls a clean look that won’t overpower the other elements of your decor. Finally, if you have light brown or tan walls, you might want to consider opting for sheer cover instead of solid ones. This will help to brighten up your space and add some femininity to it.


Purple is the perfect paint to go with ashy walls. This combination gives a modern and sleek look to any room. Not only do they look great together, but they also work well together as complementary colors. Purple curtains can help define the features of your room while the gray walls help to create a neutral background.


When balancing a gray and white color scheme, choosing curtains can be tricky. Not only do they have to go with the wall, but also with other furnishings in the room. This is where colorful cover come in handy. They can brighten up a chamber while still blending in with the other neutrals.

Choosing cover that coordinate well with your wall and other furnishings is essential for any home décor project. When you start to think about it, every paint has at least one complementary hue, so there’s no need to worry too much about how things look together when you’re shopping for curtains. Just pick something that appeals to you and start filling in the details!

Neutral-Colored Stripes

When decorating a room with a ashy color scheme, dark and neutral colors such as black or navy should be avoided. Instead, opt for light and cheerful colors like yellow, orange, or light green. Accentuate the chamber with colorful accessories to bring in some life. One way to do this is to choose curtains in a complementary paint to the wall behind them. For instance, if you have gray walls and want cover in a bright purple color, select purple curtains instead of black or navy ones. This will add some fun and life to your room while still remaining subtle.

Chalk Blue

paint curtains go great with a ashy living room wall. The blue color is especially eye-catching and will help to brighten up the chamber. If you don’t want to commit to buying a set of curtains, there are other ways to incorporate this color into your decor. A blue accent pillow or throw blanket can be a simple way to add some variety, as can using blue tile in the bathroom or kitchen.


When decorating a chamber with ashy walls, adding green cover can brighten up the space. These curtains add color and life to the room and can also tie in with the green walls perfectly. If you’re looking for ways to make your gray walls pop, consider adding some green curtains to your decor.


Choosing the right paint curtains to go with your gray wall can be a daunting task, but it’s one that is well worth taking the time to do. When choosing a color for your cover , think about what colors will work best together in the space you’re decorating.

One way to make sure that your cover match your walls perfectly is to choose a color that is similar to the gray on your walls. For example, if you have ashy walls and want yellow curtains, choose a light or fresh yellow instead of a more muted or darker color. This will help keep the look cohesive and unified while also providing some added brightness and vibrancy to the room.

When choosing curtains, also consider what type of window they’ll be draped over.

How Do I Choose The Right Color For My Gray Walls?

paint selection for color curtains go with ashy walls can be tricky, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First, gray wall can go with a variety of colors, so it’s important to choose one that will harmonize well with the other elements of your room.

Second, when selecting a color for gray walls, it’s important to think about the effect it will have on the light that reaches your chamber. For example, if you have bright light fixtures in your room and you choose a dark paint for your cover, the darkness of the curtains will block most of the light and make it difficult to see inside.

Finally, consider what style you want your chamber to have. A modern or contemporary theme might call for brighter colors like green or blue, while a more traditional look might prefer neutrals like black or white.

What Type Of Cover Can Go With Gray Walls?

Gray wall can be paired with a variety of curtains depending on the occasion. A light curtain can help to brighten a room and add some life, while a dark curtain can complete the look and make a space feel more intimate. When choosing color cover to go with ashy walls, it is important to consider the paint of the wall and the color of the curtains.

Curtains that coordinate well with gray walls include shades of blue, green, purple, and pink. For example, a light blue curtain can be paired with a light gray wall to create an airy effect. On the other hand, a dark green curtain will work well with a darker ashy wall to create an earthy feeling. Curtain panels that are too brightly colored may overwhelm or compete with the subtlety of gray tones in most rooms.

Last Word

There are many different colors to choose from when decorating a room with gray walls. A complementary paint can brighten up a dull space, while also adding personality.  Bright colors like red or yellow can be too loud for a gray chamber and may not work well with the other pieces of furniture in the room. However, neutrals like beige or white can work perfectly with ashy walls and add just the right amount of warmth to the space.  

When selecting curtains for a gray-walled room, it is important to choose something that will go well with the other interior decorating elements in the chamber. cover should complement either light or dark colors, so it is best to think about what else is in the chamber before making a purchase.

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